Vodafone Broadband

Vodafone Group was demerged from Racal Electronics in 1991, have been known previously as Racal Telecom and responsible for making the first ever mobile voice call in the UK.

In April 2012 Vodafone acquired Cable and Wireless Worldwide, giving it access to a fixed telecoms network. In October 2015 Vodafone broadband rolled out its first services.

A relative latecomer to the UK broadband market, Vodafone has adopted an aggressive pricing strategy and offers some of the lowest priced offers in the marketplace.

Vodafone offers Unlimited Standard Broadband at 17Mbs, Unlimited Fibre at 38Mbs and Unlimited Fibre at 76Mbs. Vodafone do not currently charge a line rental fee or set up cost on their fibre broadband packages. Existing mobile customers can benefit from a discount on all broadband offers. All Vodafone broadband packages run on an 18 month contract.

The Vodafone Broadband app allows you to control who in your house can access the internet and when. It also offers a Boost function so that you can maximise speeds to one WiFi device when you need to download something in a hurry, while the Beam function provides an uninterrupted signal for a particular device, so that you're not hampered by buffering.

The app works together with the Vodafone Broadband router, which operates the 802.11ac with Beam protocol to offer the best signal in your home.

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Other broadband providers that you may want to consider are Sky, Plusnet, BT and Virgin Media.