Virgin Broadband

Virgin Broadband is provided by Virgin Media plc. Virgin Media owns and operates its own fibre optic cable network in the UK.

Virgin Media was formed in 2006 after two cable operators, NTL and Telewest, merged and subsequently bought Virgin Mobile UK. A licensing deal was then done with Sir Richard Branson to use the Virgin name for this new business and Virgin Media was born, becoming the first quad play service provider in the UK, offering fixed and mobile telephone service, internet and TV.

In 2013 Liberty Global plc acquired Virgin Media.

Virgin Media is investing heavily in rolling out its fibre optic network further, it's definitely worth checking whether you can access their network - some example postcode areas where Virgin's higher speeds are available are AL35SB, B109NW, CO28BH.

Although some trials of fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) have taken place, usually Virgin Media's fibre network runs to the local street cabinet and coaxial cable is used to deliver service to the home. This delivers much greater speeds than broadband providers who use BT's Openreach network with copper cable running to the home. Virgin Media currently covers 13 million properties in the UK including postcodes like M27 6DT and TF10 7QG with a new program to add another 4 million households by 2020.

Virgin Media's standard fibre broadband Vivid Fibre 50 starts at 50Mb, with increased speeds offered with its Vivid Fibre 100 (100Mb), Vivid Fibre 200 (200Mb) and Vivid Fibre 300 (300Mb) services.

Vivid 300 is targeted at serious gamers playing MMORPGs or any other games requiring very low latency, as well as simultaneous chat with other online gamers. There's a greater upload speed, something not usually seen in other broadband provider offerings and absolutely no traffic management, even at peak times.

If you're not a heavy gamer, but you do work from home then the higher upload speed may be helpful if back lots of stuff up to the Cloud, use collaborative apps such as Dropbox and Google Drive or spend a lot of time on video conferences. An additional offer to people who work from home is Virgin Media Homeworks which provides a priority engineer to sort out any IT issues, maximise your WiFi speeds and F-Secure® SAFE virus guard for an additional £9.99 per month.

Virgin Media was uSwitch's 2017 Winner in the following categories: Best Broadband, TV & Home Phone Provider, Fastest Broadband Provider, Quadplay Provider of the Year and was "the most reliable broadband provider" in Broadband Genie's Home Broadband Survey in 2016.

Other broadband providers you may want to consider include Talk Talk, Sky, Vodafone & Plusnet or if you specifically interested in fibre then Gigaclear or hyperoptic.

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