EE Broadband

EE Broadband is provided by EE Limited previously known as Everything Everywhere and now part of the BT Group. In 2010 Deutsche Telecom and France Telecom created a 50/50 joint venture by merging their respective UK companies, T-mobile and Orange UK. EE is the largest mobile provider in the UK and the biggest operator of 4G services in Europe.

In 2016 EE was acquired by BT, and in 2017 BT announced that it is restructuring its business to have a single Consumer division that operates across 3 different brands - BT, EE and Plusnet.

Like many other providers, EE is a quad play provider offering fixed and mobile telephone services, broadband and TV.

EE have 4 broadband offerings; Broadband, Fibre Broadband, Fibre Plus Broadband and Fibre Max Broadband. All of EE’s broadband offers provide unlimited data usage plus 5GB additional data on your EE monthly mobile plan or a 12 month SIM only contract. With the Fibre Max package you can get an additional 50GB of mobile data, so worth considering if you are out of contract on your mobile or are already with EE and are a heavy mobile data user. All of EE’s broadband packages come with a year’s free subscription to Norton Security Premium, worth £69.99.

The Standard Broadband package from EE, like most other providers using the Openreach network, offers speeds of up to 17Mb. The Fibre Broadband package offers data speeds up to 38Mb, while Fibre Plus and Fibre Max offer speeds of 76Mb.

EE also offer exclusive access to EE TV with add-on packages starting at £8 per month.

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Other broadband providers you may want to consider include Talk Talk, Sky, Virgin Media & Plusnet.

All prices correct at time of writing.